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History of Wallpaper

History of wallpaper

History of wallpapers returns to ancient china, because the Chinese were inventors of paper and also they used to cover their walls by rice paper 200 years ago. Apparently a Chinese man (Tesan Lown) invented paper around the year 105 AD. Chinese paper was a mixture of ross and hemp.

Made of paper moved to Japan around the year 610 AD and Samarkand by the year 751 AD. It transferred to the Islamic countries from Samarkand in mid eighth century. It seems that a Chinese prisoner revealed the mystery of paper to Arabs. Fazl Ebne Yahya Barmaki believed that he was the first person who has established paper factory in Baghdad. Made of paper was so common at tenth century in Baghdad.

Ebne Nadim mentioned six types of paper that have been current in his era. He claimed that book was made of Khorasani paper. Khoona or Khoonaj was one of the most famous cities of Iran that had been pioneer in made of paper. This kind of paper was introduced as kenan.

Paper reached to Egypt by Muslims around the year 900 AD and then Spain around the year 1150 AD. After that time the most of wealthy Europeans ordered the painted papers in large scales for installing on the house walls. Modern wallpapers came to existence after printing industry. Wallpapers that have been produced by wooden stereotype printing technique were popular among European noblesse at the renaissance.

Since medieval centuries, the first social class used to install decorative carpets on their walls. These decorative carpets not only made the room colored but also they were as an insulator layer between stone wall and interior area and maintained the heat of room. These carpets were so expensive and just rich people could pay for them. The mid social class who did not have purchasing power due to high prices or wars that have prevented international business, tried to use wallpapers for making their rooms elegant.

Primary wallpapers had the same patterns like carpets. Sometimes large sheets of papers had been installed on walls like carpets or been sticked to the wall such as modern models.

Printing pictures usually have been sticked on the wall instead of installing framed and presumably they have been produced in large scale just for sticking on the wall. Some of well-known artists have invented these pictures, for example Albrecht Durer who was expert in printing large pictures and decorative prints to install on the wall.

The largest printed picture was Nosrat arch that was printed and completed by order of first Maximilian, the emperor of Rome, at the year 1515. This wallpaper was in great scale (3.57 * 2.95 meter), it was included of 192 sheets of paper, and they were duplicated into 700 pieces which were hanged on urban halls and palaces after manual coloring.

England is considered as a developed country in wallpaper industry. The oldest sample of wallpaper in England that was printed in London returns to the year 1509.

Covering walls by wallpapers were so common from Catholic Church after the excommunication of Henry VIII because this matter cause cutting relationship between England and other countries and as a result, import of carpets was prevented. For as much as England could not produce carpet, noblesse would like to use wallpapers.

In mid eighteenth century, Britain became the first producer and exporter of wallpaper in Europe. In early nineteenth century after expanding printing industry by steam power, wallpaper producers succeeded to mass production. So its price reduced and mid social class could pay for it.

On that era wallpapers as an inexpensive and efficient material became popular among working class to enliven their dark rooms. In early twentieth century wallpaper was one of the common items in home decoration of the west.

This product came to Iran by Nasereddin Shah Ghajar. He was interested in architecture and art techniques of the west, so covered the walls of Golestan palace by imported wallpapers.

And today Decoraj Company as a main importer, distributer and executive of installing different types of wallpapers in Iran, hopes to offer the best service to darling customers and brings beauty and calmness for all the respectful Iranians.

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