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Decoraj with several years of experience in interior decoration, today has been succeeded to establish a new face of decoration in Iran.
Interior Design

Interior design

Decoraj Co. with the help of its expert team, experience of design and implementation of hundreds residential, administrative and commercial projects in recent years, information from customers’ elegance in different groups and also knowledge of existing special and modern building products, is able to design and implement interior decoration for numerous projects in all around Iran.

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Decoraj’s suggestions for making changes in home decoration

For making changes in general decoration of the house, it’s not necessary to change decoration of everywhere, but you may applying some small changes that vary decoration of your home in just one day to make a tangible innovation in your house.

By familiar of following important notes and also trying them, feel the sense of liveliness in your home decoration.

Stylish wallpapers: During last years, simple and monotonous colors have been replaced by varied wallpapers and the numbers of their advocates are increasing day by day. So, various patterns and materials, being washable and durability are some of the reasons that make wallpaper the first choice of consumers. There are some of the special characteristics of wallpapers that make them different from the other options, e.g.:

· Variety of color and pattern

· Representing your elegance and style

· Special and pleasant pattern for each elegance

· Making atmosphere warm and friendly

· Covering damages of walls and corners, etc.

Implementing wallpapers that have harmony with the furniture is the first step to design a stylish decoration. We can cover all of the walls by wallpapers or combination of wallpaper, color and stone; but finally the first suggestion is the most beautiful and economic status.

Wallpapers that include hot colors such as yellow, orange, red, purple, etc. make the environment more pleasant and attractive. By using these colors you can make the atmosphere informal, friendly and gracious. It’s better to use these colors in sitting room and dining room. Covering north rooms by hot colors is recommended.

Decorate the floor: Implementing standard laminate for floor transfer vision heat, beauty, calmness and variety to the environment. Certainly desirable material will remain more. Colors in the nature such as brown, green, etc. are suitable for floor. These colors always look well under the foot and they are options that decorators usually advise. Light colors of floor display area larger than actual.

Try to consider the floor as fifth wall and also pay attention to the coordination of colors and styles with floor.

Laminate is so popular according to its reasonable price in comparison to the wood. Laminate has a special infrastructure that is acoustic to noise. Diversity and beauty of laminates are so much. They could be installed so easily (even easier than wood). Their tiles click to each other and if one part damages, we can exchange just that one. The ability of being separated is another advantage of them, for example if you move your house you can separate the tiles and bring them to the new one. Of course laminates have different qualities; so make sure that you choose the most proper quality.

Applicable points for decorations

Display the room: Put a library without back in front of the wall to create an artistic atmosphere. If you couldn’t find such a library, hang some simple shelves. Decorate the room with just one color to make it more impressive.

Create a delightful atmosphere for sleeping: Covering walls of bedroom by wallpaper is an applicable way to do so. You can put the books or utensil that you need before sleeping next to your bed on the table. Put a night lamp on it too.

Installing wooden shelves on the wall back of the bed create a proper space for putting decorative and beauteous objects such as panel, tablet, doll, candle, etc. and also make a great evolution in your bedroom decoration.

The consequence of pictures: Use the ancient and black and white pictures to decorate your home. Cover a wooden surface by the remaining of wallpapers and then put your black and white pictures on it.

Use a cube: Prepare some cubes and then cover around it by wallpaper. Use a scale to install them on the wall and then attach them in accurate and equal distances.

Furniture: Covering the seats with new designs and putting some cushion on the furniture, are effective ways to add color, texture and pattern to the decoration of old furniture and also general home decoration.

Lighting: we can create a splendid and elegant atmosphere by using focal or partial lighting in some areas.


Color is one of the important factors to choose and create a convenient decoration. Each color has its physical and mental influence on the spectator; and individuals react differently to various colors.

Red: Red is one of the colors that most of people communicate well with it and react strongly.

Orange: It can stimulate serious reactions too.

Yellow: This is the color of gladness, happiness, blissfulness and satisfaction.

Brown: It create the sense of simplicity, being natural, constancy, stability, solidity and durability.

Green: It’s often used to depict symbolic elements and also this is the second popular color among of public after blue.

Blue: The majority of people agree that blue is the best color.

Purple: It usually makes a balance between energy and excitement of red and, tranquility and calmness of blue. Sometimes purple involves people’s mind and makes them worried and also extremely introverted, so they proceed to gain mysticism, cognition and knowledge.

Black: Black is a quite powerful color and induces authority and power. It reminds death of dears in some cultures.

White: White is the symbol of purity and honesty. This color reflects the light and it is proper for decoration due to clarifying furniture and objects.

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