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Decoraj with several years of experience in interior decoration, today has been succeeded to establish a new face of decoration in Iran.

Technical characteristics of wallpaper

Decoraj company supplies extensively different types of wallpapers to the market with variety colors and different designs and patterns and also complementary to other wall coverings.
  • These products are healthy.
  • Wallpapers presents as a roll.
  • Wallpaper rolls usually have width of 50 & 70 Cm and length of 10.5M.
  • Each wallpaper roll generally fills the space of 5 & 7 M.
  • Decoraj’s wallpapers have their own characteristics and generally are basis on the types below:
  2. PVC.
These products include acoustic sensible characteristics with long lifetime. Wallpaper of Decoraj Company is a cover with color stability, resistance to light, wash and temperature. These products can be presented in most places such as administrative, residential, hotels and also cultural and sportive complexes.
Why wallpaper?
  • One of the wall covering types is wallpaper that exists in market in different types and extensive colors. Nowadays wallpaper due to different and beautiful patterns can be attractive only on one of the walls of sitting room and being complementary to the furniture and other home accessories.
  • Wallpaper can be suitable substitute for common colors because of fast and easy installation and without smell. Most of the people prefer wallpaper to other covers because of having allergy to smell of color. Meanwhile, the structure of some colors is consisting of plumb that is harmful for children’s health but wallpapers are often healthy.
  • Brand-new wallpapers that exist in market are usually made of yarn, washable, anti scratch and impact, acoustic, desirable and with long lifetime. And they can be a good substitute for other wall coverings.
  • Wallpapers that include hot colors such as yellow, orange, red, purple,…etc. make environment more pleasant and attractive. By using these colors you can make the atmosphere informal, friendly and melodious. It’s better to use these colors in sitting room, dining room and a place that you are together. Using hot colors in north rooms is recommended.
  • Remember that if the pattern of wallpaper is very close to each other and in horizontal and vertical lines, it will cover the beauty and elegance of the furniture, carpet and other accessories.
  • By using diagonal and zigzag patterns you can make the environment live and dynamic. These patterns are known as energetic patterns.
  • By using flowery wallpapers you can display the environment smaller.
  • By using horizontal patterns, you can display the house more extensive than its real size and also by creating vision error; show the ceiling close to the flour.
  • By using of vertical and interval patterns you can display the walls longer and inspire this sense that the ceiling is higher than its real place.

    Explained factors with other scientific proofs are the reasons of using wallpaper as a substitute product with economic justification, in order to covering the walls.
What They Say

" Decoraj Laminate is the best way to make your company and house different from the others.We thank Decoraj for providing such a useful service "


Decoraj distributes its new album of wallpaper “DIOR” all over the country .

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You can find our new album of wallpaper “HACKETT” all over the country.

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:: "DIOR" & "HACKETT" , imported.
To respond all the market demands for different tastes in wallpaper, We import an extensive range of high quality exclusive collections "DIOR" & "HACKETT".

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